Rebranding. DIY-ing. Managing. Baking. Designing. Pouring. 

In the winter of 2010, a Conn College senior made the decision to turn an old ticket booth into a coffee shop. For a full semester, a group of Conn students worked for tips to turn a closet in the art building (with no sink or kitchen), into a profitable business. Mid-way through the semester, the shop began to pick up steam and this success was celebrated with the first official naming of the shop, “Keep it Cummings” (all puns intended) and the creation of our very first sign (fun fact: it was made out of felt)! 

“Keep it Cummings”, which would later be renamed, The Coffee Closet, gradually grew in popularity over the next few years, spurred by fun annual events like Frappe Friday, a constantly evolving drink roster and an ever-expanding barista network. The Coffee Closet was always a place where friends gathered, whether to keep their pals company during late night shifts, to procrastinate on their way to art history class, or to sip on Nutella lattes while doing work. The Closet was quick to develop a personality as one of the most innovative student-run coffee shops on a campus rampant with coffee competition.

For the 2014-2015 school year, my co-manager Marina and I remodeled the shop, which included purchasing a new espresso machine to replace the old leaky model. Also, during the winter break, we along with our treasurer Cian, proposed to replace a Sodexo run cafe space located in a dorm. By working with the Office of Student Life to re-envision how the space could be better utilized, the school accepted the proposal. In the Spring of 2015, plans were underway to pass on two shops for the 2015-2016 year. 

The summer after my graduation, I was back on campus living in the dorms, working as a designer, crafter, DIY-er, and manager of the transition for The Coffee Closet's new baby, The Walk-In Coffee Closet.